17 Gifts to Keep Your Loved Ones Protected from Fraud

Want to find gifts that show you care? Discover items that help protect what makes your loved ones truly unique — their identity. EZShield has put together a list of the top choices for fraud protection presents this holiday season.

Secure Storage

1. Fire Resistant Document Bag
Protect the documents you can’t afford to lose. While it may look like an ordinary envelope, it’s actually made out of fireproof woven fiberglass. Perfect for Social Security cards, passports and even legal-sized documents.

2. SentrySafeX055 Security Safe
This best-selling safe is practical and dependable. Access your valuables using an electronic key with an override key featuring two live-locking bolts. Mounting hardware available for bolting to your floor.

3. RFID-Blocking Passport and Credit Card Sleeves
Does your credit card allow you to just wave-and-pay? Then you need these. There’s been an uptick in wireless identity theft and fraudsters will stop at nothing to hijack your RFID signals and access your bank accounts and passport information. These small and convenient sleeves will block fraudsters from intercepting your personal information. They also work with enhanced driver’s licenses to stop identity theft. View more here and here.

Cybersecurity and Electronics

4. Privacy Filter for Widescreen Desktop
Thwart prying eyes with this privacy filter. Only the person directly in front of the monitor can view what’s on screen. Those standing to either side will see a darkened screen. Not only does it protect against visual hacking, but it also protects the screen from dirt and scratches while reducing glare.

Similar privacy screens are also available for smartphones and tablets.

5. Webcam Stickers
Nearly every computer, tablet or smartphone now comes with a built-in web cam that could potentially be accessed by hackers. Stop anyone from invading your privacy using these simple stickers.

6. Webroot SecureAnytime AntiVirus (2015)
This suite of antivirus protection has been voted #1 by PC Magazine. It’s easy to install and scans the computer quickly for potential threats. This package also comes with phishing protection.

7. U2F Security Key
The FIDO U2F Key relies on high-security, public key cryptography to make two-step authentication a breeze. Just keep this durable key on you and plug it into your device before logging in. Without the physical key the device is unlockable, even with the password.

8. Laptop Security Cable 
Is there a college student on your list? This gift is a must for dorm living. Keep your device physically secure by locking it in place while you’re away.

Fashionable Fraud Protection

9. Sholdit Clutch Wrap
Feel secure and stylish with this two-in-one infinity scarf and clutch. Keep your valuables discreetly stored in the scarf’s 31” long and 10-12” wide zippered pocket. It’s perfect for traveling and comes in your choice of eleven colors.

10. Travel Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag
The perfect gift for any frequent flier. Keep your personal belongings close and out of the hands of fraudsters with this lightweight, cross-body messenger bag. It is available in 10 colors and has a nylon, slash-proof lining — making it nearly impervious to pickpocketers.

Light Reading

11. The Truth About Identity Theft
You’ll want to share this book with everyone! Learn how to stay safe from almost every scam and threat there is with this insightful book by security expert Jim Stickley.

12. Spam Nation
The #1 bestseller by Brian Krebs, the award-winning journalist and security expert credited with uncovering the Target data breach in December 2013, covers the underground world of organized cybercrime. This is a must-read for anyone interested in digital hacking.

13. The Art of the Steal
Find out how to effectively protect yourself and your business from fraudsters. Famed conman turned security consultant, Frank Abagnale, details some of the most common scams and how to prevent them. A serious topic captured in a humorous and upbeat tone, Abagnale provides essential information for anyone interested in personal protection.

Shredders and Stamps

14. Plus Guard ID Roller
Can’t stand shredding or don’t always have a shredder available? Simply roll these stamps over printed material to mask any private information. It’s the perfect tool for concealing PII on junk mail and bills.

15. Desktop Crosscut Paper and Credit Card Shredder
Don’t let old documents and payment cards jeopardize your identity! Shred them quickly and easily using this convenient desktop shredder. It’s the perfect size for home and personal office use, yet strong enough to tackle plastic.

Lots of Locks

16. Lewis and Clark TSA Cable Lock 2 Pack
Did you know? There are more than 200 thefts a day at JFK airport? (And that’s just one of over 5,000 public airports.) Easily secure your valuables with these TSA-approved locks.

17. Master Lock Dialspeed Electronic Combination Padlock
Have a techie in your life? They will flip over this electronic padlock. It makes security fun with its sleek design and advanced features. It also comes with a resettable primary code and an option for three additional guest codes. And if you ever forget your combination, there is a permanent backup master code available at masterlockvault.com.

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