200 Million Voters Exposed by Marketing Firm Breach

What happened? 

Deep Root Analytics, a marketing firm hired by the Republican National Committee, experienced a massive data breach that exposed nearly 200 million U.S. voters.

Scope of Breach

Cyber risk analyst Chris Vickery from UpGuard initially discovered the exposed data available on a publicly accessible cloud server. UpGuard’s Cyber Risk Team found that names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, voter registration information, ethnicities and religious affiliations were exposed by this breach.

Deep Root Analytics explained that the company’s purpose is to “inform local television ad buys for advertisers.” Recent reports say that the exposed data was intended to be used by “influential Republican political organizations” to maintain voter profiles on as many individuals as possible. To date, this data breach was deemed the largest breach to occur in the U.S. involving electoral data.

Security experts worry about what is to come of the exposed data, and what it means for those affected. Paul Fletcher, cybersecurity expert from Alert Logic, noted that it’s highly possible that the information could end up on the Dark Web.


What should you do?

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