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Google+ has numerous privacy concerns including unknown/forgotten accounts due to Google’s original forced sign-up strategy. This strategy attracted new users by requiring YouTube users to also have a Google+ account. Many accountholders simply created an account and forgot about it, leaving their personal information available for anyone to see.

These Google+ privacy settings are based on the 2016 Google+ layout update.

Edit Your Profile

Visit the profile tab on the navigation bar to edit your basic information and visibility.

Click About on the bottom of your cover photo to edit your name and personal information — such as your birth date.

Click Edit Profile to adjust how your profile is displayed to the public.Google Plus Privacy Settings Edit Profile

Privacy Starts with Your Posts

You control privacy with each post on Google+ thanks to the introduction of circles. Circles allow you to share content with specific audiences, such as your Family, Friends or Coworkers.

When posting, you will see visibility settings to the right of your user name. 

Google+ encourages users to share audience-specific content through “circles.” Circles can help keep your information private by allowing you to tailor your audience based on a particular post.

Circles can be edited using the mobile app or classic layout. Access circles in the classic layout by clicking people from the navigation bar, then selecting your circles.

Access circles directly by visiting:

Understanding Collections

Collections allow users to group content into specific categories — food, fashion, career, etc. These collections can be public or private, and can allow your circle to auto-follow them. Edit collections by visiting the collections tab on the navigation bar.

You may not edit the visibility of a collection after it has been created.

Google+ Privacy Settings

From the homepage, click on Settings on the right sidebar.

Google Plus Privacy Settings Navigation Menu
Track your +1’s, posts, comments and more using the Activity Log.

Who can comment on your public posts? Select Manage to adjust notification preferences on a separate page.Google Plus Notification Settings

Who can send you notification? Select Your Circles.

Who can comment on your public posts? Select Your Circles.

Photos and Videos Shared on Google+
Disable all of the following options under this section — geotagging, downloading and publicly searching images. If these features are enabled, they put your photos and current location outside of your control.

Google Plus Photos and Sharing

Adjust if your photos, videos, interactions, reviews and communities are visible to the public.

Disable “help others discover my profile in search results,” as this setting allows your profile to populate on public search engine results.

Hide people in your circles to protect both your information and theirs.Google Plus Private Profile Settings

Turn off shared endorsements. This makes your reviews appear in public searches.

Account/Delete Your Google+
Under the Account section of the Settings tab, you may choose to delete your Google+ account. Deleting your Google+ account will not impact your other Google products such as YouTube or Gmail.

Additional Account Features

Your Google+ account is linked to all of your Google products, such as YouTube and Gmail. To change your password, visit Google’s Trouble Signing in Page. You may visit it here:

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