Apollo Breach Exposes Over 200 Million

What happened?

Apollo, a company who provides sales engagement solutions to its clients, recently confirmed a massive data breach – first discovered in July 2018 – affecting over 200 million of its contacts.

Hackers gained access to Apollo’s prospect databases to steal names, job titles, employers, social media handles, phone numbers, email addresses and other business contact information. 


Scope of Breach

The start-up serves over 200 million contacts at 10 million companies, a report from Tech Crunch said.

Luckily, the Apollo breach did not involve highly-sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers, login credentials or financial information.


Company Response

Apollo has declined to answer questions surrounding the notification and investigation of this breach. However, Apollo’s founder and chief executive officer, Tim Zheng, noted that the breach investigation is ongoing, and that the company has reached out to affected customers.


Take Action – Secure Potentially Affected Data

Even though sensitive information, like Social Security numbers and financial information, was not exposed, hackers can use your public information in social engineering scams and other targeted future attacks. Follow these three tips below to secure your information:

  • Update passwords to social media accounts. Be on the lookout for Direct Messaging scams with malicious links or attachments designed to capture personal information or cause harm to your device. Visit our Social Media Security Center to learn more about privacy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Update your email account passwords. Again, watch out for potential phishing scams or other social engineering tactics to retarget you for fraud and identity theft.
  • Consider placing your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Criminals may use your phone number for future scams and other identity crime related attacks. 

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