More Bad News for USPS Employees

New information has come to light surrounding the United States Postal Service (USPS) data breach.

According to reports from Nextgov, USPS officials now believe that medical records of both current and former employees were also leaked during the breach. Initially, the scope of the breach was thought to include personally identifiable information of 750,000 employees and compromised data from 2.9 million of their customers.

Hackers may have obtained this medical information from workers compensation files that included data such injury diagnoses, procedure codes and the physical location of bodily harm.

This information combined with exposed Social Security numbers could result in medical identity theft. Medical identity theft affected 1.8 million Americans in 2013 alone and can be detrimental to both your finances and your health.

Concerned past and present employees should keep a watchful eye on their medical records for warning signs of medical identity theft. The most common tip off to medical identity theft is being contacted for medical services you never received. If you are ever wrongfully contacted, get in touch with your healthcare provider immediately.

All at-risk current and former employees should have received a letter in the mail last month explaining the breach in further detail. Impacted individuals will also receive free credit monitoring on behalf of USPS.

USPS will be implementing new security measures to combat problems in the future, including equipment and systems upgrades and changes in employee policies.

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