Cape May-Lewes Ferry Suffers Year-long Data Breach

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

On October 24, Cape May-Lewes Ferry announced in a press release that malware on their food, drink and retail point-of-sales systems allowed an intruder to access 60,000 customers’ credit and debit card information.

The organization stated that card numbers, cardholders’ names and expiration dates were potentially exposed from September 20, 2013 to August 7, 2014. Transactions made on their reservation system have not been impacted.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry is currently working with law enforcement to resolve the matter and has successfully eliminated the malware that was present on their machines.

Free identity monitoring services will be provided to customers who purchased refreshments or retail items during the dates of vulnerability. Cape May-Lewes Ferry customers are also urged to check their credit report for fraudulent activity. Consider placing a fraud alert or credit freeze on your credit files for additional protection. You may do so by contacting the three major credit bureaus:

P.O. Box 105069
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
P.O. Box 2020
Allen, TX 75013
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022





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