Educational Institutions “Schooled” By Data Breaches

Educational Institutions Take on Data Breaches 

In 2016, 9 percent of all data breaches came from the education sector. While hackers may not be interested in snooping through your old grades, they’re looking for any personal information the institution has on file to commit any number of identity crimes.

Educational institutions are targeted because they hold large amounts of sensitive information. Once criminals gain access into an institution’s network, they capture your personal information from admissions applications, third-party online homework apps, campus Wi-Fi networks and more. An education data breach can also reach far and wide, affecting faculty, students and alumni alike. Continue reading

200 Million Voters Exposed by Marketing Firm Breach

What happened? 

Deep Root Analytics, a marketing firm hired by the Republican National Committee, experienced a massive data breach that exposed nearly 200 million U.S. voters.

Scope of Breach

Cyber risk analyst Chris Vickery from UpGuard initially discovered the exposed data available on a publicly accessible cloud server. UpGuard’s Cyber Risk Team found that names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, voter registration information, ethnicities and religious affiliations were exposed by this breach.

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