American JobLink Alliance Breach Affects 4.8 Million

Breach:Scam Feature April 2017

April Breach:Scam CalloutWhat happened? 

American JobLink Alliance (AJLA), a web-based system that connects jobseekers to employers across the United States, recently reported a data breach affecting an estimated 4.8 million individuals.

The breach, caused by a hack, left jobseekers’ names, Social Security numbers and birthdates exposed. Hackers gained access into the company’s system by creating an account with the company, then exploited a vulnerability in the online application’s code.

The breach’s nationwide impact affected victims in ten different states.

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How to Prevent Top-3 Tax Scams of 2017

tax scams

Don’t get caught in a scam! 

Tax scams come in all shapes and sizes. From phone calls to phishing emails, and even by your own tax preparer, criminals are continuing to find new ways to scam you out of your money and personal information. Tax-related scams can be particularly threatening because the information stolen is often used to commit more serious crimes such as tax identity theft

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1 Billion Breached, 2nd Yahoo Hack

Yahoo 1 Billion Users Breached

UPDATE 03/15/2017: New York Times reported that two Russian intelligence agents were behind the massive Yahoo data breach that affected 500 million Yahoo users in 2014. According to the Justice Department, these agents were initially assigned to find hackers operating in the U.S. Instead, the two Russian agents led what is being referred to as a “sweeping criminal conspiracy,” using stolen Yahoo data to target specific individuals (international government officials, journalists/media reporters, business executives). Federal prosecutors also found that they had broken into 50 Google accounts belonging to Russian officials and cybersecurity employees.

Separately, the breached information was used to circulate spam and collect payment card and gift card data. The suspects are facing a total of 47 criminal charges.

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