Uber Data Breach Exposes 57 Million

What Happened? 

Uber Technologies, Inc. recently confirmed a global data breach that exposed 57 million of its customers and drivers. 

Of the 57 million affected, 50 million were customers and 7 million were drivers. Of the 7 million drivers affected, 600,000 were from the U.S.  Names, email addresses, phone numbers and driver’s license numbers were exposed. 

According to Bloomberg News, the breach initially occurred in October 2016. Cybercriminals first hacked a private coding site used by Uber software developers. From there, hackers used the credentials obtained from that site to access the company’s internal databases and files.  Continue reading

The Dark Web & What It Means to Your Identity

What is the “Dark Web” ? 

Whether you’re an expert, or know nothing about it, something in our brain rightfully associates the term “Dark Web” with criminal activity. 

The Dark Web can be a scary place. It’s home to thousands of Web pages used to facilitate virtually any illegal activity you could imagine. But, it’s not that simple – the World Wide Web is massive, and the Dark Web is just one part of it. 

Confused yet? Great! Let’s learn more about the Dark Web, how it plays a role in the World Wide Web, and find out what really goes down in the online underground.   Continue reading

Flash Player Malware Found on Equifax.com

What happened? 

Equifax can’t catch a break. The company’s most recent security event involved infectious malware placed on its main website, Equifax.com. 

The malware was initially discovered by a security analyst attempting to dispute information on his credit reports. According to news sources, he was redirected to a fake page titled “hxxp:centerbluray.info” where he was prompted to download an Adobe Flash player. 

In reality, the Flash player download was harmful malware designed to flood Internet Explorer browsers with unsolicited ads.  Continue reading

Equifax Data Breach Exposes 143 Million

UPDATE 9/21/2017 

CNN Tech reports that a fake Equifax website went viral via Twitter yesterday. 

The worst part? Equifax fell for it. 

Equifax created a website for consumers affected by the company’s recent breach event called “equifaxsecurity2017.com” to offer a way for consumers to determine their impact, as well as general information about the breach. Additionally, the company has been using Twitter and other social media outlets to respond to breach-related questions and concerns. Continue reading