Three Back to School Scams Targeting College Students

Children of every age are susceptible to identity theft — they make highly desirable targets with untapped credit histories and no debt, especially kids under eight years old. But as children grow older, begin to establish their own credit, and head off to college, they increasingly fall for scams that can lead to loss of money and their identity. This is a crash-course in adulting that no parent wants to see their child experience. Continue reading

Three Financial Scams Targeting Your Identity

There’s more than money at stake when it comes to a financial scam; consumers’ identities are also under attack. Opportunities that offer a large amount of money for minimal participation or investment are typically red flags, and there’s likely a criminal working to steal your money or personal information. Fraudsters pulling off imposter scams — attempting to earn your trust so you will send them money or personal information — can commit synthetic identity theft with just two pieces of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the kind of details often required to participate in “fast cash” or easy “work from home” jobs. Continue reading

Evernote Security Flaw Leaves 4.6 Million Users Vulnerable

Evernote web clipper breach

What Happened?

On Wednesday, June 12th, 2019, a flaw within Evernote’s Google Chrome extension code was reported, which created a security vulnerability impacting 4.6 million consumers and companies. The organizational software app’s extension defect, discovered by security company Guardio, opened the door to potential harvesting of user data by bad actors, including authentication data, financial information, private social media conversations, emails, and more. Continue reading