Cupid’s Arrows Hijacked

What Happened?        

Over 42 million people recently had their personal information hacked in connection with the online dating company Cupid Media (that owns and operates 30+ dating sites globally). The number hacked even exceeds the total number of Americans who have tried online dating by more than 2 million.* That’s a lot of people and a lot of stolen information.

Compromised information includes: users’ names, email addresses, birth dates and plain-text passwords. Because these passwords are not encrypted, the identity thieves involved can use the passwords immediately. The information stolen was discovered in a file on a server where hackers also stored millions of records from the Adobe breach — a scary reminder of how far-reaching a data breach can be.

What Should I Do?

What can online daters do to protect themselves?

  • First and foremost, create a new dating site password.
  • Another important policy: check any online dating service’s security policy (preferably, before signing up).
  • Remember, even if you or someone you know no longer uses a dating site, personal information can be stored indefinitely. As soon as you stop using a dating site, request that the site clears your information from its system.

 Breach Impact?

The following personal information was hacked:

  • Users’ names
  • Email addresses
  • Birth dates
  • Passwords

Additional Details

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* Reuters, 2013

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