[QUIZ] The Dark Web: The Online Underground

The Dark Web & ID Crime

The Dark Web is home to a massive network of illegal sites, chatrooms and forums used by criminals to buy and sell a variety of unsavory products and services online. In the deepest part of the “Deep Web,” identity thieves use the Dark Web to buy and sell breached data, stolen identities and even cyberattack starter kits to anyone who can find their hidden storefront.

How much do you know about the Dark Web? This quick, 5-question Dark Web quiz will put your knowledge to the test! 


Names, credit/debit cards and Social Security numbers were reportedly exposed in a recent data breach. What should you do?

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Data breaches are becoming commonplace in today's world, exposing sensitive information that can be used to commit identity crimes. It's crucial that you secure your information on all fronts after a data breach event to ensure further damage does not occur.

Which of the following is NOT a guideline for creating strong passwords?

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Hackers start with common dictionary words, as well as well-known letter and number patterns (i.e. abc123, 123456) when attempting to crack online passwords. Be sure that your passwords are unique, contain at least one special character and are different for each account.

Which of these scams often follow a data breach event?

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Sometimes, data breaches expose less sensitive information or information already available publicly (i.e. phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc.). Criminals can use this information to target you in scams that are meant to capture more sensitive information like Social Security numbers and financial information.

Which of the following is TRUE about the Online Black Market?

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The Online Black Market is a network of websites located within the Deep Web. The Dark Web refers to one area of the entire Deep Web – therefore "online black market" and "Dark Web" are not interchangeable terms. Criminals use the Online Black Market to buy and sell breached information, as well as obtain other illicit goods and services related to identity crime.

Hackers often profit from breached data sold on Dark Web websites. What are other ways that criminals use the Dark Web in relation to identity crime?

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The underground market in the Dark Web plays many roles in identity crime. Identity thieves can buy and sell data on the Dark Web for profit, but they can also use the Dark Web to acquire other illicit goods and services for the data breach itself.

How Much Do You Know About The Dark Web?

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