Data Breaches in Higher EducationPrivacy Rights Clearing House reports that the higher education industry accounts for 17 percent of all reported data breaches, ranking second only to the medical industry with 27 percent.

Data breaches in higher education institutions are becoming commonplace. While hackers might not be interested in snooping through your old grades, they do want to capture all the information you sent in on admissions day — including your name, date of birth, address and Social Security number.

These pieces of information give criminals the ability to commit identity theft and fraud. With the vast number of students cycling through any one university, data breaches in higher education facilities prove to be a lucrative payoff for fraudsters.

However, fraudsters don’t always stick to colleges and universities, they’ve also been known to hack into K-12 schools. Identity crimes against children are especially detrimental because the criminal practically has free range over their victim’s finances until the child turns 18. Child identity theft is hard to catch and can have disastrous effects when a child tries to get their first job, enroll in college or rent their first apartment.

Schools face hefty IT bills, a tarnished reputation, a mountain of bad press and backlash from students, staff and alumni. With average cost to a higher education institution standing at $4 million, it’s vital that organizations remain educated about data breaches and cybersecurity.

Check out the latest data breaches in higher education below:

Institution# BreachedInformation ExposedCauseDateProtection Services Offered?
Powhatan County Public Schools905 employeesW-2 forms (Social Security number, address, wages/taxes, gross income)Phishing/Business email compromise2017/03No
Daytona State College1,000 employeesW-2 formsPhishing/Business email compromise2017/03Yes
Redmond School District1,000 employeesW-2 formsBusiness email compromise2017/03No
Manatee County School District (FL)7,700 employeesW-2 formsPhishing scam2017/02Yes
Academy of Art UniversityUnknownEmployees’ W-2 formsPhishing scam: fake CEO email2016/04Yes
Rockhurst University1300Employees’ W-2 formsPhishing scam: fake CEO email2016/04Yes
Olympia School District2100Employees’ W-2 formsPhishing scam: fake CEO email2016/04Yes
Lamar County School District30Employees’ W-2 formsPhishing scam: fake CEO email2016/04No
Kentucky State University (KY)1,071Employees’ W-2 formsPhishing scam: fake CEO email2016/03Yes
University of Central Florida (FL)63,000 students, staff and alumniSocial Security numbersUnauthorized access2016/02Yes
University of Virginia (VA)1,400 employeesW-2 formsPhishing2016/01Yes
Utah State Office of Education (UT)5,500Name, academic services received, testing results, medical information, special education enrollment and legal data. Human Error2015/11No
University of Minnesota (MN)24 professorsUnknownUnknown2015/06No
Harvard University (MA)Administrative offices and students in 8 of Harvard’s colleges Network and email credentialsHack2015/05No
UC Riverside (CA)8,000Names and Social Security numbersLaptop Theft2015/04Yes
UC Berkeley (CA)260 individuals and studentsSocial Security and bank account numbersUnauthorized access2015/04Yes
Bradley University (IL)UnknownPersonal information of current and former employees and their families, including Social Security numbersMalware2015/03Yes
University of Chicago (IL)UnknownNames, Social Security numbers, employee ID numbers, employee loginsHack2015/03Yes
University of Maine (ME)941Names, addresses, grades and 604 Social Security numbersLost device2015/02Yes
Metropolitan State University (MN)160,000Names, birth dates, contact information and grades and partial Social Security numbersHack2014/12No
Seattle Public Schools (WA)8,000Names, addresses, student ID numbers, test scores, health information Third party error2014/11No
Provo City School District (UT)1,400Personally identifiable information of employeesPhishing2014/10No
Indiana University (IN)146,000Names, addresses, and Social Security numbersHack2014/07No
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College (SC)20,000Names, birthdates, and Social Security numbersTheft2014/07No
North Dakota University (ND)290,780Names and Social Security numbersHack2014/06Yes
Jersey City School District (NJ)UnknownNames, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and Social Security numbersThird party error2014/06No
Riverside Community College (CA)35,212Academic records and Social Security numbersEmployee error2014/06Yes
Butler University (IN)163,000Names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, driver’s licenses and bank account informationHack2014/06No
Arkansas State University (AK)50,000Full and partial Social Security numbersHack2014/05No
Iowa State University (IO)29,780Social Security numbersHack2014/04Yes
The University of Wisconsin (WI)15,000Names, Social Security numbers, email addresses and telephone numbersMalware2014/03No
Point Park University (PA)1,800Names, addresses, Social Security numbersUnknown2014/03No
John Hopkins University (MD)1,307Name, contact information, and employee biographiesHack2014/03No
University of Maryland (MD)309,079Names, Social Security numbers, birthdates and university ID numbersHack2014/02Yes
Chicago (IL)2,000Names, birthdates, school ID numbers, health informationThird party error2013/12No
Maricopa Community College District (AZ)2,490,000Names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and bank account informationHack2013/11Yes