E-ZPass Users Hit With More Phishing Scams

E-ZPass Phishing Scam FIghting Identity Crimes

AAA Mid-Atlantic is warning Maryland, Virginia and DC drivers of a sophisticated phishing email targeting an estimated 2.1 million E-ZPass users.

E-ZPass is no stranger to cybercrime; this is the second time in a year they have fallen victim to a mass phishing scam. This time, the E-ZPass phishing scam is scaring drivers into handing over their bank account information to avoid owing fake penalties.

The fake email is titled “Notice to Appear” and claims users have unpaid tolls on their account. It provides a link to a fraudulent website where customers are prompted for financial information to pay these bogus fees.

The E-ZPass phishing email includes branded E-ZPass logos and partial color, giving it an air of legitimacy — but don’t buy it. Multiple media outlets have reported these emails contain spelling and grammatical errors — a tell tale sign of a phishing email. Watch for these when reviewing emails from E-ZPass.

AAA warns the links in the email are malicious, meaning they could infect your computer or mobile device with malware. They also warn that these scammers are simply using high-pressure tactics to get your financial information and subsequently drain your bank account.

According to the E-ZPass phishing policy, the company will never send an email requesting personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers or Social Security numbers. The company warns its users not to provide sensitive information to anyone claiming that they are from E-ZPass.

Anyone who receives such an email should immediately notify E-ZPass as well as the Federal Trade Commission.

While there is no truth to these emails, concerned E-ZPass users in the impacted areas may check their account standing using EZPassMD.com or EZPassVA.com. Do not use other websites or visit these sites through links provided in emails.

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