Files On Lockdown

Aware of malware? What about sites preying on victims? Hopefully you are up to date on the latest news concerning the malware/ransomware Cryptolocker.  This is a devastating malware delivered through email via a .zip file.  Once you open the .zip file, it installs a virus on your computer that locks up all your files.  The virus then puts a message on your screen with a timer.

The message will instruct you where to send a payment to have your files unlocked. If payment is not received within the allotted time, your files will be frozen and lost to you forever. Much to the dismay of the malware criminals, they are losing money to people that have been infected with Cryptolocker and don’t understand what is happening and/or how to pay the ransom fee.  So in the spirit of world-class customer service, according to NBC News, the criminals have launched a website for victims to get information on how and where to pay the ransom. See how a small business came forward to report their experience with this devastating malware.

Sounds a bit crazy right?  But it is real, and security experts are saying that we can expect more of this brazen in-your-face type of criminal activity to get worse.  This latest development should not only raise eyebrows, it should send an alarm as to what is going on in the world of data security and how much customers need the best possible support to combat these attacks. It’s not enough to just email customers warning them about a malware attack and what action steps they need to take to defend against it.

Customers need to be educated about what is going on in the real world and directed to the products and services that can help them protect their personal information. Consultation is an 800-number call away. And being able to talk to a voice on the other end that is empathetic and caring provides a win-win for everyone.  When customers are encouraged to call if they have questions or need assistance, they will appreciate the support and reward the supportive company with continued patronage.  It’s the extra step that separates great customer service from good customer service.

An example of great support is what EZShield provides its customers through one-on-one assistance around the clock. These criminals are already one step ahead of the latest defense technology, and now the criminals even realize the importance of customer support.  It is up to protection service providers to guide customers to the right help while avoiding the scammers and their multitude of damaging ploys. Customer advocacy is the truest strength in fighting identity crime.

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