It’s a Gift Exchange: Giving Loyalty for Receiving Fraud Protection

With the season of giving in full swing, ponder for a moment whether your financial institution fits the bill in the “giving” department — now and throughout the year. In particular, consider the reasons they give you to stay.

How do they show they care about you when you visit a branch? Are they meeting your needs at the drive-through? What about your online experiences? Do they offer convenient access to services that make your life easier?

Your happiness is contingent on many factors. And it’s up to your bank to assess these needs and deliver what you seek. It’s a conditional relationship — yet it’s not one-sided. Your involvement is vital to this equation.

Demand the oil
You must be the squeaky wheel in the scenario. Express your opinions and expectations upfront to determine whether a certain financial institution is the right fit. Then continue sharing your expectations with them. Your feedback should be requested and responded to with actions that speak to your needs.

Without a doubt, high security is the primary requirement banks must fulfill. According to a 2013 Infosys Study, over 75 percent of people would consider changing banks if a competitor offered better assurances for securing their finances and personal data against fraud. Plus, with the majority of consumers seeking fraud protection services from their financial institution, providing you such peace of mind has become top of mind for the financial industry.

Meeting your expectations
Most importantly, your financial institution must gauge your expectations by reaching out to you. How well they do that is the crux of providing you with effective customer service. Not only will giving feedback make you feel more tied to your bank, such engagement has the power to prevent you from switching to another institution, according to MIT Sloan Management Review.

Involvement is key
In the realm of fraud protection, your opinions and contributions become that much more significant. According to Bank Tech, “Fighting fraud isn’t enough anymore for banks; the customer needs to know what the bank is doing to fight fraud and be involved in that process.”

Finding solutions
As more data breaches and other identity crimes continue to grow and threaten sensitive data, you expect your financial institution to have the answers you need. Given the anxiety and confusion that fraud and identity theft can cause, these answers should be clear and boost your confidence about your bank. To maintain and enhance your loyalty, your fraud protection needs must be fulfilled with comprehensive services and educational resources that cover the full scope of issues — something your bank can provide through EZShield to help you when you need it most.

Utilizing your services
With EZShield on your side, if you experience fraud, a dedicated Resolution Specialist offers you expert advice and assistance around the clock. These award-winning professionals treat you with respect and empathy while addressing your issues as quickly as possible.

Highlighting EZShield’s world-class support, here is one of many glowing customer testimonials:

“My Resolution Specialist was genuinely courteous, helpful and expeditious in rendering us answers to the recent fraud. Funds were received in an expeditious timeframe leaving us with one less thing to worry about. Go EZShield!”

A financial institution that gives you services that provide this kind of peace of mind is bound to keep your loyalty. Demand nothing less.

For more information about protecting you and your family against fraud and identity theft, check out our educational resources and latest breach and scam news.

Tips to Ensure Peace of Mind

  • Take full advantage of fraud protection services
  • Ask questions to gain clarity about your services
  • Follow news and educational content on

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