JPMorgan Chase Hacked, 76 Million Households Exposed

Update: 10:00 a.m. ET: On November 10, U.S. authorities announced they had made three arrests in connection with the 2014 JPMorgan hack. Officials believe these individuals were also responsible for compromising customer data at E*Trade and Scottrade.

These hackers had been operating illegal online activities since 2007 and have established an extensive online money laundering system. It is believed they have successfully laundered hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of their illegal online gambling and cybercrime endeavors.


JPMorgan_Chase_logoJPMorgan Chase — the largest financial institution in America— announced in an SEC filing last Thursday that personal information from 76 million households and 7 million small business owners has been hacked.

The attack occurred earlier this summer when hackers seemed to walk through the front door of the bank’s computer system by using an employee’s login credentials.

Fortunately, the hackers did not to gain access to customer financial information, such as their account numbers and passwords. They only found personal and contact information of customers who used online banking platforms such as, JPMorganOnline and the apps ChaseMobile and JPMorgan Mobile.

Although financial information was not exposed, JPMorgan Chase customers should be aware that customer names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses are now in the hands of hackers.

This information can easily be manipulated to execute phishing scams. Customers should be wary of suspicious emails regardless of how legitimate they may look. Phishing emails will typically encourage readers to click on links that will infect your computer with malware.

JPMorgan Chase states that they have not seen any unusual customer-fraud related to this incident, and that customers are not liable for fraudulent transactions on their account. However, customers should remain on high alert for phishing emails in the coming days.

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