Looking Back on the Equifax Data Breach

The Calm After the Storm 

When you hear that 143 million Americans were affected by the Equifax data breach, it’s natural to feel a bit on edge.

It’s scary to know that you may have been involved in a data breach. The size and scope of the Equifax data breach makes us wonder: what happened to our information, what should we do, and how can we protect our information in the future?

We want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your Identity Protection Program powered by EZShield. Our award-winning products and services are here to help you secure, monitor and restore your information – especially after security events like these. 

If your information was exposed in this breach, don’t panic. Below are some common misconceptions about data breaches and identity crimes, as well as ways your identity protection can help you navigate through them.

MYTH #1: “Securing my information won’t help.”

Fact: Preventative steps are your best defense against identity crimes.

Identity crime is inconvenient, stressful and seems to always happen at the worst moments. Information exposed in a breach event is more likely to be misused in the future.

Education and preventative measures are such an important, yet often overlooked, component of identity protection. The unfortunate truth is that criminals often wait to misuse breached information.

Why? Because identity thieves want to stay under-the-radar for as long as possible.

Secure Your Information

Take a proactive approach to protecting your personal and financial information. We recommend you take the following steps to prevent criminals from misusing your information in the future:

Step 1: If you haven’t already, create an online account by visiting your online Identity Protection dashboard. To take full advantage of all the preventative benefits included in your Identity Protection, you’ll need to create your online account.

Step 2: Store your information in your Online Identity Vault™, a safe place to keep personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit and debit cards, Social Security numbers, medical IDs, bank accounts, drivers’ licenses and more.

Step 3: Generate strong passwords for your online accounts, and store them in your Password Manager.

Step 4: Don’t forget about education! Take advantage of our monthly email notifications packed with valuable identity protection tips from EZShield’s industry experts, as well as updates on major data breaches and scams in the news.

MYTH #2: “Criminals only use my info to steal my money.”

Fact: ID thieves use your info to steal funds, apply for loans, commit criminal offenses and more.

While financial losses are devastating, identity thieves use your information to do much more than fill their pockets. Criminals can open new accounts, apply for loans or new lines of credit, rack up court fees, manipulate public records and even fill prescriptions with part of or your entire identity.

You should know who has access to your sensitive information, and how it’s being used. The purpose of monitoring is to help you find and resolve issues quickly before they turn into something more serious.

We recommend you take the following steps to answer the who, what, when, where and why questions surrounding your information:

Monitor Your Activity

Step 1: Log into your dashboard and review your “Monitored Information” located in your Online Identity Vault™.

Step 2:  Due to the nature of this breach, we recommend that you have Credit Monitoring and Internet Monitoring services.

Step 3: Review any alerts that may indicate you were affected by this breach. Be wary of email and phone scams that may be meant to capture more of your information.

Step 4: Regularly review and update information stored in your Online Identity Vault™ and Password Manager. Simply put – if you don’t store it, we can’t monitor it.



MYTH #3: “Being involved in a data breach means my identity was stolen.”

Fact: Exposed or compromised info simply means it was accessed without your permission — not necessarily used to commit fraud or identity theft.

Data breaches can be worrisome because of how much “unknown” surrounds them. They can make you feel helpless because you won’t know who has accessed your information, or what will come of it in the future.

The good news? Information that was “exposed” or “compromised” in a data breach simply means that it was accessed without permission.

In short, any of your information affected by this breach has probably not been misused – yet. Thankfully, EZShield’s 24/7/365 Resolution Center is here so that you never face identity crime alone. 

Restore Your Identity

Our team of certified Resolution Specialists are ready to provide dedicated, 1-on-1 assistance to you with any additional questions you may have about your identity or the Equifax breach. Contact the Resolution Center if you’re still concerned about your potential impact in this breach.


Put Your Identity Protection to Work

Now that you’re aware of the benefits included in your identity protection service, it’s time to put them to work! Focus on securing and monitoring your information by taking our recommended steps. If you have Identity Protection powered by EZShield, be sure that you log into your dashboard to manage your services.

Continue following Fighting Identity Crimes to receive the latest breach and scam updates, as well as timely tips from our industry experts on how to continue securing your identity.

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    • Hi Diane,
      We don’t have to tell you the Equifax data breach was and still continues to be the cause of national concern. While Equifax has made its efforts to clarify what happened and what the company is doing to help, it can still be confusing when trying to get the facts straight.
      In response to the breach event, Equifax is currently offering a few credit protection solutions. First, the company is offering free ID protection through Trusted ID to all U.S. consumers that includes SSN and credit monitoring services. Credit monitoring will alert you of any changes found to your credit reports, which can be a great way to spot early signs of fraud or identity theft. Requesting your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and reviewing your financial statements can also help you address fraudulent charges or accounts that have been opened in your name.
      Equifax is also offering free credit freezes until the end of January. A credit freeze is a credit protection tool that restricts anyone access to your credit files unless specifically approved by you. Equifax’s credit lock service waives any fees associated with a credit freeze so that consumers can add an extra layer of protection to their credit files – for free.
      It’s entirely up to you whether or not you enroll in Equifax’s free ID protection services. However, we strongly suggest you have some form of credit protection and identity protection services – especially after this breach event – so that you can discover any potential fraud or identity theft sooner and resolve it more quickly.
      Feel free to visit our Identity Security FAQ page and read about how EZShield’s ID protection services can help secure your information after this breach event. If you are still concerned about your identity, please feel free to call our Resolution Center for further assistance.
      The EZShield Team


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