Opt-Out – Public Databases & Data Brokers

Your information is often collected and used without your knowledge by data brokers and public databases. Data brokers are companies that provide aggregated information from multiple sources as a service (i.e. background check websites, people search engines, etc.).

Below are a list of known data broker websites and public databases that may be collecting your data. Use the links provided to get more information about each company’s opt-out policy.

NameURLOpt-Out Method
Address Searchaddresssearch.comSubmit request online
Archivesarchives.comSubmit request online
BeenVerifiedbeenverified.comSubmit online request
Block Shopperblockshopper.comEmail, U.S. mail, fax
Cellphone Registrycellphoneregistry.comU.S. mail, fax
Complete Investigation Services (CIS)cisnationwide.comU.S. mail, fax
Corporation Wikicorporationwiki.comSubmit request online
Court Recordscourtrecords.orgSubmit online request
Court Registrycourtregistry.orgU.S. mail, fax
Criminal Pagescriminalpages.comU.S. mail, fax
Criminal Recordscriminal-records.orgU.S. mail, fax
Death Recordsdeathrecords.orgU.S. mail, fax
Divorce Recordsdivorcerecords.orgU.S. mail, fax
Email Traceremailtracer.comFax
Free Background Checkfreebackgroundcheck.usFax
Government Police Recordsgovernmentregistry.orgU.S. mail, fax
Info Tracerinfotracer.comU.S. mail, fax
Instant Background Reportinstantbackgroundreport.comU.S. mail, fax
Instant Checkmateinstantcheckmate.comU.S. mail
Instant People Finderinstantpeoplefinder.comSubmit request online
Intel Registryintelregistry.comFax
Marriage Recordsmarriagerecords.orgU.S. mail, fax
MyLifemylife.comEmail or Phone Call
Open Onlineopenonline.comEmail
Peek Youpeekyou.comSubmit online request
People Search Nowpeoplesearchnow.comSubmit online request
People Smartpeoplesmart.comSubmit online request
PeopleG2peopleg2.comContact customer support
Phone Registryphoneregistry.comFax
Phonebooksphonebooks.comSubmit online request
Radarisradaris.comSubmit online request
Records Authorityrecordsauthority.comU.S mail, fax
Spokeospokeo.comSubmit online request
Last updated: April 30, 2018