Scam Alert: Apple ID Phishing Text

Apple ID Phishing Text

What happened? 

Don’t worry — your Apple ID has not expired and will not be terminated. If you receive a text message telling you otherwise, you are the recipient of an expertly-crafted phishing scam. 

Consumers have reported receiving fake text messages that appear to be from Apple Inc. The text informs recipients that their Apple ID is at risk of termination/expiration. 

The Apple ID phishing text typically appears as follows:


Source: Forbes.
Also seen: “[Full Name] your Apple ID is due to expire/be terminated. To prevent this please confirm your details at [fake Apple URL]. – Apple Inc.”

Did you notice the most convincing element of the Apple ID phishing text? Often, it addresses recipients using their full name. It is unclear how the phishers obtained this much personal information about users, but they are using it to their advantage. 

The end goal of the Apple ID phishing text is to get recipients to click on the link provided. This link will direct users to a mock Apple landing page where they are prompted to enter their personal and account information. 

This information can be used to commit identity crimes against the individual, including taking over their Apple account and exploiting payment card data they may have on file.

What should you do?

Keep an eye out for the Apple ID phishing text. If you receive such a message, it is imperative that you take the following precautions:

  • Block the sender from your phone
  • Report the incident to
  • Change your Apple/iCloud password immediately

Have a loyal Apple user in your life? Make sure to share the Apple ID phishing text with them to keep their personal and financial information secure. 

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