E-Government Breach Causes SingPass Users Concern

singpass 2Singapore’s recently implemented e-government portal, SingPass, has sparked concern for the country’s citizens and their data security. The government announced in June 2014 that the SingPass servers were breached, compromising three of the 1,560 users potentially affected.

However, the minister for communication and information Yaacob Ibrahim claims that SingPass, despite the breach, is not vulnerable to other breaches in the future. He believes that the breach could have been a result of a malware infiltration or weak passwords created by the users individually.

The Singapore government stated that it plans to improve SingPass security, as well as introduce a two-factor authentication for services that pertain to sensitive information. In addition, the government hopes to integrate unique usernames for SingPass users as opposed to using the individual’s national identification number as his or her identifying username.

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