Social Media Privacy Quiz

Facebook's privacy policy states that it does NOT share your information with its third-party vendors.

The Facebook privacy policy states that it will share non-personally identifiable information with these following types of third-parties:
- Advertising, Measurement and Analytics Services
- Vendors, service providers and other partners

On ________, you can use your profile picture to verify or log into your account.

Visit your Facebook account settings to explore the various security and privacy features Facebook has to offer.
To enable Profile Picture Login:
Account Settings > Security > Profile Picture Login

Are social media platforms required to notify you anytime they want to share or sell your account information with third-party vendors?

Social media sites partner with third-party vendors to offer you their free services (i.e. Facebook games, photo editing apps, etc.) in exchange for your collected social networking data. They are not required to notify you at the time of purchase/sale. However, most platforms outline the types of information they share about you and who they are sharing it with in their privacy policies.

_____% of Americans had at least one social media profile in 2016.

Approximately 1.96 billion Americans (78 percent) were on at least one social media site in 2016, and that number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2018.

You CANNOT change your Twitter account from public to private (or vice versa) through the platform's mobile app.

Whether you're at home on your computer or out-and-about on your phone, you can always opt to "protect" your tweets so that only your followers can view them.
To turn on/off Protected Tweets:
Settings > Protected Tweets

Social media sites will default your profile to ______ unless you manually change it to _____.

Privacy settings are typically turned off by default so that you can customize the level of security that fits your profile's needs. Be sure to stay on top of any settings updates or security changes that may affect your current settings.

On LinkedIn, your followers will never be notified that you made a change or edit to your profile.

This LinkedIn feature allows you to share with your followers any updates or changes you make to your profile.
To manage Sharing Profile Edits:
Me > Settings & Privacy > Privacy > Sharing Profile Edits

If Instagram's assets were to be sold, your account information could be included in that sale.

The Instagram privacy policy states:
"If we sell or otherwise transfer part or the whole of Instagram or our assets to another organization (e.g., in the course of a transaction like a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, liquidation), your information such as name and email address, User Content and any other information collected through the Service may be among the items sold or transferred."

On Instagram, you can change your profile from public to private (or vice versa) through the platform's mobile app.

To turn on/off Private Account:
Settings (gear icon) > Private Account

LinkedIn _______ two-factor authentication when logging in.

LinkedIn allows you to enable or disable two-factor authentication. To manage Two-Step Verification:
Me > Settings & Privacy > Privacy > Two-step verification

On Twitter, your followers will never be notified that you've made a change or edit to your profile.

Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter will never send notifications that you've made updates to your profile.

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