Intro: How To Establish a Secure Online Presence

Introduction: Creating an online presence for your small business  

Small Business Owners: The Unsung Heroes

Small business owners can be considered the unsung heroes of the business world. Even with a fraction of the resources and budgets that larger businesses have, small business owners still face the same challenges that all businesses experience.

One of those challenges is strategically aligning your business offerings with consumer trends. And with more than 4 billion users on the Internet (80 percent of them using smartphones), businesses are feeling the pressure to move online with them. Continue reading

Is Ad-Blocking Software a Cure for Online Ad Fatigue?

Ad Blocker_Oct 2015

Ad-blocking software just can’t seem to stop popping up in the news lately. 

In September, tech giant Apple announced they would allow ad-blockers on iPhone’s Web browser Safari. However, within a month, Apple pulled several popular ad-blocking apps from their App Store citing security vulnerabilities. They have since worked with developers to create more secure options. 

This move to allow ad-blockers isn’t much of a surprise — ad-blocking software has gone mainstream. In 2014, ad blocking usage grew by seventy percent and it’s particularly popular among young adults (more than half of U.S. males 18 – 24 use ad-blockers). Continue reading