Starbucks App Exploited by Fraudsters


What Happened?

A string of hacking incidents has put Starbucks mobile customers on high alert. Hackers have been locking users out of their mobile accounts before proceeding to fraudulently use any preloaded gift cards or saved credit card information for their personal gain.

These incidents are especially concerning for customers who use the “auto-refill” feature. When enabled, this feature allows hackers to continuously siphon money from a user’s bank account. Some customers using “auto-refill” have reported having their bank accounts drained of hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. Continue reading

App Users and Parents Beware!

Snapchat-LogoThe Snappening: 200,000 Private Snapchat Photos Exposed

Last week, rumors surfaced regarding a potential hack of Snapchat photos. On October 14, Snapchat announced that their servers had not been compromised and instead an unauthorized third-party app,, had been hacked.

The cyber attack is being dubbed “The Snappening.”

Snapchat is a social media smartphone app that allows users to send self-destructing photos and videos. SnapSaved is a web-based client that allowed users to secretly save these images without the sender’s knowledge.

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