Apple, Google and Microsoft Devices Vulnerable to “FREAK” Security Flaw

FREAK security flaw

What happened?

In recent weeks, technology researchers have discovered a decade-old security flaw, dubbed “FREAK,” that leaves Apple and Google devices and Microsoft Windows PCs vulnerable to hacking.

Attackers compromise these devices through Apple’s Safari browser and Android’s default browser when the user visits certain websites, even on mobile devices. Microsoft announced in a recent advisory note that Windows PCs are also vulnerable to the “FREAK” flaw.

Mathew Green, a cryptographer from John Hopkins University shared with MarketWatch that approximately 5.04 million websites may be at risk of this vulnerability. Continue reading

Apple Scammers Hold iOS Devices Ransom

iOS Devices held for ransom

Apple has announced that iOS device users should be wary of scammers who have been remotely locking users out of their devices for ransom by accessing their Apple IDs.

Symantec security-response manager Satman Narang stated that phishing emails disguised as password-reset messages sent from Apple allowed scammers to acquire personal information about an iOS user, lock the user out of his or her phone and demand money to restore the device. Continue reading