Business ID Theft (Part 1): SMBs Have Identities Too

Business Identity Theft 101 

Identity theft comes in all shapes and sizes. Despite the effort we put into protecting our financial accounts, Social Security numbers and online login credentials, we’ve seen identity crimes continue to grow.

We know it’s important to protect our personal identities. But when was the last time you thought about protecting your small business’ identity?

Like people, businesses can also fall victim to identity theft. Criminals take on a business’ identity to target its funds, file fraudulent tax returns, take out loans, apply for lines of credit and accumulate debt under the company’s name. Continue reading

What Makes You Think Your Small Business Can’t Be Breached?

Small Business Cybercrime - Fighting Identity Crimes - EZShield

Your business isn’t large enough to attract cybercriminals, right?


Small business cybercrime is a growing concern among both business professionals and consumers who provide their personal information to these organizations.

Despite their size, small businesses hold a plethora of both company and customer personal information. And, since these smaller companies work with smaller budgets, and limited or outsourced IT security groups that collect customer information, they are more likely to experience a security breach. This often leads to identity theft and fraud against the small business or its customers. In a criminal’s point of view, breaching a smaller business’s network is easier, less expensive and will be harder for an organization to detect — allowing them to maximize on their investment Continue reading