Fraud Awareness Week: Prepare Your Business for Holiday Scam Season

Although we don’t like to admit it, succeeding as a small to mid-sized business (SMBs) takes more than a great idea and strong work ethic. Vigilance and the ability to anticipate the unexpected — whether it’s unforeseen costs, dips in the economy, or other more ominous issues — is all part of the job description for every small business owner. Continue reading

Card Cracking Scam Thrives Due to the Vanity of Social Media

Card Cracking Scam Fighting Identity Crimes

Card Cracking Overview:

Social media has given new life to an old-fashioned check fraud scam with the prevalence of card cracking. Card cracking is a form of bank fraud in which both the fraudster and target may be held liable. The scheme gained momentum in Chicago, but has quickly spread to other metropolitan areas.

College students, newly enlisted military members and young single parents are most at-risk of being targeted. Lured in by the prospect of making some quick cash, these individuals end up implicating themselves in a crime. Continue reading

Check Fraud Ring Targets Women Nationwide

Felony Lane Gang

Criminal Profile: Felony Lane Gang

In the past five years, a Florida-based criminal organization has victimized more than 250 people across the country—stealing an estimated $1.3 million in the process.

Dubbed the “Felony Lane Gang,” these crooks may sound like a group of hardened street thugs, but they are actually credited with running one of the most highly organized check fraud schemes in recent years.

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