Where Do You Stand on “Sharenting” ?

PRO V. CON: Sharenting 

The sharenting trend calls into question where the line is drawn between a parent’s right to share and a child’s right to privacy. Whether you’re posting a video of your child’s first steps, commenting on a “Tips for New Parents” article, sharing your teenager’s sweet 16 birthday photos, or writing a status about your child’s recently broken leg, social media has allowed parents to easily share the ins and outs of their family’s life online. The Wall Street Journal reports that parents will share almost 1,000 photos of their child before he or she is four years old.

Sharenting, or the act of parents sharing their children’s photos or information online, continues to be a hot topic in the social media world. How much sharing is too much? While social media has allowed families who live far away from each other to stay connected and has offered support to parents at any stage, criminals have also found ways to take advantage of the plethora of personal information available on these platforms.  Continue reading

Avoid an Identity Crisis: 6 Ways College Students Can Be Money and Identity Smart


Outwitting Identity Thieves from the Start

Welcome to our new blog series, “Outwitting Identity Thieves from the Start.” This series will focus on the lesser-known financial pitfalls faced by those just starting out. I’ll be sharing my personal advice on how to effectively thwart any potential financial threats that these new life experiences may bring.

This week, we’re focusing on shaping money-wise young professionals. We’ll begin by investigating the issues that current and incoming college students might not have on their radar. Continue reading