Mass Zoo Data Breaches Bring Consumer Safety to Light

Point-of-Sale System Breach Zoo Fighting Identity Crimes

In early July, nine different zoos including the Detroit and Cincinnati Zoo, suffered four-month-long data breaches. Visitors who used their debit or credit card at one of these facilities’ food or retail vendors may be at risk of having a crook overtake their finances.

This widespread — and somewhat obscure — compromise of customer data raises the question: “How could this many zoos suffer data breaches at the same time?”

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Kmart Confirms Month-long Hack

Why happened?Kmart_logo.svg

On Thursday, Oct. 9, Kmart confirmed that they had suffered data breach, in which customer credit and debit card numbers were exposed. Hackers executed the attack by placing malware on the discount retailer’s point-of-sale system.

Experts believe the malware was first installed in early September and went undetected by Kmart’s current anti-virus software for nearly a month. The retailer has since brought in outside security experts and is working with federal law enforcement to resolve the issue.
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