Public Information Threatens Your Business Security

Man Staring at Wave of Information

*Originally posted February 22, 2017. Updated March 23, 2020*

Is your business more public than you think? 

In this overwhelmingly information-rich world, the answer is a definite yes. And if it’s public information, it has every legal right to carry on. 

Among social media platforms, review sites, consumer blogs, industry forums, and business search databases, there’s a good chance that you’re being talked about. People flock to this public information so they can get a better picture of your company from others’ experiences. This includes current and prospective customers, as well as potential business partners. Continue reading

Ignoring Software Updates Exposes You

Software Updates

You’ve probably received a pop-up message asking you to update your computer on multiple occasions. Do you always do it right away? Many find this message to be annoying or insignificant. But putting off software updates leaves your computer and private files exposed to hackers, malware and viruses. Don’t wait around for hackers to hit; patching up your system should be your top priority. Continue reading