Mass Zoo Data Breaches Bring Consumer Safety to Light

Point-of-Sale System Breach Zoo Fighting Identity Crimes

In early July, nine different zoos including the Detroit and Cincinnati Zoo, suffered four-month-long data breaches. Visitors who used their debit or credit card at one of these facilities’ food or retail vendors may be at risk of having a crook overtake their finances.

This widespread — and somewhat obscure — compromise of customer data raises the question: “How could this many zoos suffer data breaches at the same time?”

The answer is actually quite simple, but is rarely top of mind for consumers as we go about our day-to-day lives. Continue reading

Building Barriers Against the Top Three Business Fraud Threats

Fraudsters are always in the market for a lucrative new target. So what’s the most information-rich, security-poor victim they can exploit? A small business, of course.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the typical organization loses a whopping 5% of their revenue to fraud each year. And small businesses are impacted disproportionately harder by fraud with a median loss of $154,000.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks small business owners can use to combat potential fraud. You just have to start by looking at the main entry points of exploitation: occupational fraud, cyberattacks and identity theft. Continue reading

What Small Businesses Need to Know about POS Systems

POS System

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are making headlines after four different POS providers suffered data breaches in the past year — exposing customer information at a variety of small businesses.

These businesses entrusted their POS providers with protecting customer information but were quickly subjected to harsh backlash from their defrauded consumers — 28 percent of fraud victims will avoid businesses post-fraud — bringing to light the importance of selecting a reputable provider.

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Laptop Security in Seven Simple Steps

Laptop security

Imagine that tomorrow you wake up to find out a virus has infected your laptop and all your files have vanished. Your family photos, your spreadsheet of online passwords (a major security faux pas) and that report you need for a meeting later today — all gone.

Scratch that.

What if a burglar broke in and stole your laptop (as well as a few other parting gifts)? All those valuable documents and the costly investment of the computer itself are now in the hands of a criminal. Was your laptop even password-protected? If not, the thief could use your information to access your bank accounts, open new accounts in your name and even use your business documents to commit fraud.

So how can you protect yourself and your company from such threats?

Take proactive steps to secure your investment and personal and business information with these seven laptop security tips: Continue reading