267 Million Facebook Profile Records for Sale on the Dark Web

Facebook Profiles for Sale on Dark Web

What Happened?

On April 20, 2020, more than 267 million Facebook profiles were found listed for sale on the Dark Web — for only $600. Reports link these profiles back to the Facebook data leak discovered in December 2019, and possibly others. Researchers are still uncertain how this data was first exposed but have noted that 16.8 million of the Facebook profiles now include more data than was disclosed originally, including account holder’s email address, birth date, and gender. These expanded profiles may be a result of multiple breaches and leaks of Facebook data being cobbled together to round out Facebook user information, adding more value for cyberthieves selling it on the Dark Web, and increasing account holders’ risk of identity theft. Continue reading

Facebook Exposes 267 Million User Credentials, Wawa Payment Systems Breached

What Happened?

On December 19, 2019, Facebook came under fire once again, when over 267 million records belonging to the social site were found on an unsecured webpage. This is at least the third time in 2019 that Facebook has been in the news for leaving its users’ data unprotected. The exposed database disclosed names, Facebook IDs, and phone numbers of Facebook users, and was available to cybercriminals for two weeks or more. Continue reading