Website Selling Access to Personal Data Seized by FBI

FBI Seizes

Ever wonder what happens to your information once it is exposed in a data breach? In most cases, the data is put up for sale to cybercriminals operating in the dark web — the black market of the internet where individuals can act privately and anonymously, and which requires specific “dark web browsers” to access. But one website was designed to house stolen data on the surface, bringing it out of the dark web and putting it at the fingertips of anyone who performed a simple search — starting as low as $2! Continue reading

Virtual Kidnapping Scams Continue to Increase

What is virtual kidnapping?

Virtual kidnapping is on the rise, adding to the list of ways criminals attempt to scam you out of your money. Virtual kidnappers call and claim to have your children, while making ransom demands for the child’s safe return. Parents who decide to pay the ransom, which can range from $600 to $1,900, will only find out after paying that their child is safe.  Continue reading