Smart Home Threats: Securing Your IoT Devices Against Cybercrime and Oversharing

Connected Home Devices

Protect Your Smart Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses the billions of devices that are connected to the web all over the world. Smart home devices, like virtual assistants, make our lives more convenient but can also present serious security risks and personal intrusion. With over 26 billion connected IoT devices in use worldwide and growing, there is no better time to secure your home against cybercriminals seeking information that could be used against you or your family, and lockdown devices that may be collecting more information than you want to share. Continue reading

Apple, Google and Microsoft Devices Vulnerable to “FREAK” Security Flaw

FREAK security flaw

What happened?

In recent weeks, technology researchers have discovered a decade-old security flaw, dubbed “FREAK,” that leaves Apple and Google devices and Microsoft Windows PCs vulnerable to hacking.

Attackers compromise these devices through Apple’s Safari browser and Android’s default browser when the user visits certain websites, even on mobile devices. Microsoft announced in a recent advisory note that Windows PCs are also vulnerable to the “FREAK” flaw.

Mathew Green, a cryptographer from John Hopkins University shared with MarketWatch that approximately 5.04 million websites may be at risk of this vulnerability. Continue reading