Malware Was Embedded on The Guardian’s Website, Readers Infected

The Guardian Malware

What happened?

Hackers have a pretty dark sense of humor. Cybersecurity researchers detected a particularly nasty form of malware on the online version of The Guardian, a popular news outlet. Specifically, malware was embedded in their article titled “Cybercrime: Is it out of Control?” that claims cybercriminals are getting increasingly bold.

Cybercriminals pulled off this attack by inserting a malicious URL on the syndicated link below the article. The malware automatically redirects readers to the Angler Exploit Kit, a tool used by hackers to exploit any vulnerability on the reader’s device, such as outdated software including Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java or Microsoft Silverlight. Continue reading

Hackers Swipe Credit Card Data from Hilton, Doubletree and More

Hilton Hotel Hack

What Happened?

Hilton Worldwide is investigating a potential hack of customer credit and debit card information at a number of their U.S. Hilton hotels and franchise property locations. Hotels under the Hilton name, as well as the company’s Embassy Suites, Doubletree, Hampton Inn and Suites and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts may be affected by this data breach. Continue reading