Security Lessons We’ve Learned in 2013 [Infographic]

As we move forward into a new year, it’s important to continue improving our security measures to protect our personal information. This year had its share of security slip-ups, from leaks of NSA information to major data breaches at nationwide companies like LivingSocial, Adobe and Target. Let’s take a look at this infographic to see how we can improve our security strategies to prevent from becoming a fraud victim ourselves. Let’s take a look back at 2013 to see what lessons we can learn.

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EZShield Infographic Security Lessons Learned In 2013

EZShield Infographic Security Lessons Learned In 2013


Is Identity Theft as Inevitable as Taxes?

The benefits of filing early

Do you file your taxes as soon as you receive your tax information? Or are you among the more than 20 percent* who wait until the deadline? For that matter, maybe you even file for an extension. The relevance of when you file has far greater implications than whether or not you’re a timely taxpayer. Considering the prevalence of tax identity theft — a 66 percent increase in 2012 alone — the longer you wait to file, the more time you give thieves the opportunity to file as you. Early in this case means as close to January 31 as possible, though not before that date (per IRS guidelines). Continue reading