What Happens To Your Information After a Data Breach?

Data Breach April 2017

Data breaches have become all-too-common amongst retailers, businesses, educational institutions and health care facilities. Last year, 1,093 data breaches led to over 36 million compromised records in the United States, leaving millions of Americans’ personal information exposed. 

The best way you can protect your information from compromise is by taking proactive measures to safeguard it, especially after a data breach. Follow us as we break down what can happen to your information after a data breach, what the law says about notifying you of breached data and how to secure information that has already been compromised.  Continue reading

Why Are Fraudsters Targeting College Students?

College Students Consumer Post_August 2016

If you know any college students or are one yourself, take advantage of this inside look at identity theft – and make sure to pass it on.

College opens minds to new ideas, doors to new opportunities and (unfortunately) eyes to issues often overlooked: experiencing identity theft and fraud. The 20 to 29 age group is most affected by identity theft, representing 20 percent of victims according to a 2014 Federal Trade Commission report.

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