Fitness Apps — Helpful Tool or Data Breach Fuel?

Smart Watch and Mobile Application

New Year, New Threats

Nearly a month into 2019, many people have maintained their focus and motivation to revisit and reset their fitness plans. To achieve these goals, a great deal of us leverage applications and wearables, such as Fitbit and Apple Watches, to help keep track of workouts, meals, and progress.

Although we all want to stay driven to succeed, it’s important to understand that just like any other connected device, fitness apps and wearables are vulnerable to cybercrime. Continue reading

Starbucks App Exploited by Fraudsters


What Happened?

A string of hacking incidents has put Starbucks mobile customers on high alert. Hackers have been locking users out of their mobile accounts before proceeding to fraudulently use any preloaded gift cards or saved credit card information for their personal gain.

These incidents are especially concerning for customers who use the “auto-refill” feature. When enabled, this feature allows hackers to continuously siphon money from a user’s bank account. Some customers using “auto-refill” have reported having their bank accounts drained of hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. Continue reading