Three Back to School Scams Targeting College Students

Children of every age are susceptible to identity theft — they make highly desirable targets with untapped credit histories and no debt, especially kids under eight years old. But as children grow older, begin to establish their own credit, and head off to college, they increasingly fall for scams that can lead to loss of money and their identity. This is a crash-course in adulting that no parent wants to see their child experience. Continue reading

Planning a Getaway? Don’t Get Taken by a Vacation Scam

How to Avoid Vacation Scams

If you’re like 65 percent of Americans, planning a vacation means hopping online to peruse travel reviews and discounts. In fact, Expedia found that the average American will search up to 140 travel websites before booking a vacation.

Before you get caught up in the deals, websites and mobile apps available, be aware that a vacation scam could derail your summer getaway. The Better Business Bureau named travel and vacation scams as one of the top-10 riskiest scams in 2017. 

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