12 Quick Ways to Secure Your Personal Data

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Secure Your Personal Data

Think about the many places your personal data lives – the documents that contain it, the businesses collecting it, the devices storing and sharing it, the websites and apps using it. Fraudsters work by targeting those sources of data to ultimately profit from it.

Despite the “how” and “why,” security incidents like data breaches, phishing scams and more can leave you wondering: What should I do?  The good news is that awareness and prevention are often the best remedy for many of these threats.

Here are 12 tips (that will take five minutes or less!) to help better secure your personal data. Continue reading

5 Tips to Overcome Business Social Media Pitfalls

Business social media

What’s one of the most prevailing methods to promote a company these days? Business social media platforms, of course! 

Whether or not you’re on board the business social media train, you cannot deny its extensive, and sometimes overpowering, presence. Since nearly 90 percent of U.S. businesses and 65 percent of U.S. adults use social media, there is a good chance that you have interacted with it at least once on some level.  Continue reading

Facebook’s Unsung Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings and Tools Provide Secure Social Media Experience

Facebook has gone from a social media hub to a world-renowned community. It’s a place to post day-to-day activities, connect with old friends and comment on photos and videos shared between one another. Whether you use Facebook to watch your granddaughter grow up through picture and video posts, discuss politics through status updates and articles or scroll through the news feed to find out more about the latest scandal, all of us have one thing in common: our personal information resides in Facebook’s servers. Continue reading