Keeping the Holidays Free from Fraud: Tips for Your Business

Small Business Owner working during the holidays

Soaring sales during the holiday season can give your small business the boost it needs to end the year on a high note. Unfortunately, scammers and fraudsters are eager to grab their share of your profits. According to the 2019 American Express Digital Payments Survey, almost 30% of the sales ended up as fraudulent transactions and 69% of U.S. merchants are spending significant company time and expense resolving payment fraud.

Don’t let these thieves turn an otherwise prosperous holiday sales season into a nightmare. Follow these simple steps to protect your small business this holiday season. Continue reading

What Makes You Think Your Small Business Can’t Be Breached?

Small Business Cybercrime - Fighting Identity Crimes - EZShield

Your business isn’t large enough to attract cybercriminals, right?


Small business cybercrime is a growing concern among both business professionals and consumers who provide their personal information to these organizations.

Despite their size, small businesses hold a plethora of both company and customer personal information. And, since these smaller companies work with smaller budgets, and limited or outsourced IT security groups that collect customer information, they are more likely to experience a security breach. This often leads to identity theft and fraud against the small business or its customers. In a criminal’s point of view, breaching a smaller business’s network is easier, less expensive and will be harder for an organization to detect — allowing them to maximize on their investment Continue reading

What Small Businesses Need to Know about POS Systems

POS System

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are making headlines after four different POS providers suffered data breaches in the past year — exposing customer information at a variety of small businesses.

These businesses entrusted their POS providers with protecting customer information but were quickly subjected to harsh backlash from their defrauded consumers — 28 percent of fraud victims will avoid businesses post-fraud — bringing to light the importance of selecting a reputable provider.

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Rebuilding After a Breach

aftermath of a data breach

In 2014, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported that more than 85 million confidential files were compromised in data breaches. That’s 85 million customers, employees and patients who were failed by organizations they entrusted with their personal information.

Those who are exposed must contact their banks, scour their statements for signs of fraud, monitor their credit report and possibly work with law enforcement officials and creditors to reclaim their identity. They won’t forget this brush with identity fraud anytime soon and as a small business owner neither should you. Continue reading