Cross-Linking Social Media & Apps is Risky Business

The Fine Line Between Convenience & Security

Try to solve this riddle: What’s something that many of us use every day, but also offers up tons of sensitive and personal information like your age, birthday, location, personal and professional relationships and more – all publicly? 

The answer: your social media profiles. 

While you may feel uneasy leaving your house unlocked when you’re away on vacation, leaving your personal information open to the public never seems as bad. Free, personalized services at the cost of your personal data can easily seem worth the trade. 

But if you didn’t know already, few things in life are truly free.  Continue reading

Mobile Messaging (Pt. 2): Best Messaging Apps 2017

Secure Messaging Matters 

In Part 1 of our Mobile Messaging series, Laura discussed the importance of using secure mobile messaging apps and how to choose the best messaging apps on the market. 

  • Messaging apps reveal more personal information than we realize.
  • Secure messaging is important because criminals can extract information from our messages that can lead to a variety of identity crimes.
  • Three features every secure mobile messaging app should have:
    1. End-to-end data encryption
    2. Ability to permanently delete messages
    3. Limited metadata storage 

This month, we’ll explore some of today’s most popular mobile messaging apps and see where they stand when it comes to security. By highlighting some of the best messaging apps on the market, we hope to help increase your messaging security. Continue reading