Recent Data Breach Highlights Dating Site Vulnerabilities

Adult FriendFinder

What happened?

The personal and romantic information of 4 million individuals has been exposed following the hack of Adult FriendFinder, an adult-oriented online dating site.

Adult FriendFinder advertises itself as the leading Internet “hook-up” site and boasts more than 60 million members worldwide. Most members aim at remaining anonymous due to the private nature of the information shared; however, for many this anonymity has been lost following the breach. Continue reading

Are You or Your Friends Sharing a Scam?

Social media is a great way to connect with others and share what you love. But all that sharing can become problematic if due diligence is left out of the conversation.

Do you think any of your friends are guilty of sending links without checking them first? In Norton’s 2012 Cybercrime Report, they found that 18% of social network users do not check links to verify their security or validity before sharing them with others. These auto-sharers have good intentions, but their posts can have disastrous consequences to their online friends. Continue reading

What Is the Value of Your Social Identity?

Test your social media savvy. Are the following three statements true or false?

Social media is actually losing popularity.
More adults are on Facebook than teens.
Your social identity isn’t worth much — monetarily.

If you answered “false” across the board, congratulations! But those are just highlights of a much bigger story.

Social media continues to gain users and fans. Though the number of online adults using Facebook has grown steadily (73% as of 2014), 12 to 18-year-olds remain the top age group on that social platform. As far as your online social worth, companies spent $23.68 billion on social media advertising worldwide in 2015, eMarketer reported. Businesses know that strong social identities will share product information with their friends online, potentially influencing others to make a purchase. But it is more than just potential money in the pockets of businesses. Hackers are also profiting from your social identity. Continue reading

Facebook’s Unsung Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings and Tools Provide Secure Social Media Experience

Facebook has gone from a social media hub to a world-renowned community. It’s a place to post day-to-day activities, connect with old friends and comment on photos and videos shared between one another. Whether you use Facebook to watch your granddaughter grow up through picture and video posts, discuss politics through status updates and articles or scroll through the news feed to find out more about the latest scandal, all of us have one thing in common: our personal information resides in Facebook’s servers. Continue reading