How to Stop Telemarketers and Junk Mail in Only 60 Seconds Each

Stop Telemarketers and Junk Mail

“Did I Even Sign Up For This?”

It’s a question that comes to mind as we sift through junk mail, our spam-filled email inboxes and even when we answer the phone. If you want to take action against this unsolicited advertising, you’re in luck.

You can put an end to junk mail and unsolicited phone calls and emails in a few simple steps. These opt-out services are free, FTC-recommended and each one will take you about a minute to complete. Continue reading

Part 3: Content Websites & Social Media for Business

Part 3: Content websites & social media 

Content Websites & Social Media 

Last month, we discussed the basic tools needed to stand up a business website. Here’s a quick overview of what we covered: 

  • Small businesses often face a dilemma between moving business online and weighing business costs. 
  • Wix, SquareSpace and Shopify are three user-friendly web-hosting providers that offer both free and paid service options. 

This month, we’ll be focusing on websites and other online platforms ­– specifically social media – that can be leveraged by your business for marketing and informational purposes. Now that you have the basics, it’s time to start thinking about the goals you want your business website to achieve. 

Your business goals will ultimately determine if a content-based website is right for you. Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series if you believe your business would benefit more from an eCommerce website. 
Continue reading

Hype or Help? How Do YOU View Data Breach News?

Fighting Identity Crimes - Ongoing data breach news - Feb 2014

Activity Report HeaderAs news of data breaches abounds, and the number of victims grows, related news stories are overwhelming. Look no further than the recent Target and Neiman Marcus breaches, which continue to inundate consumers with troubling updates. Media reports focus on everything from breach repercussions to how you should handle the scams that follow. Does all of this news have your head spinning so fast that you just shut down? Instead of allowing the media to shape your opinion and cause you to ignore the news, it’s a good idea to take a few steps back and look at the facts.  Let’s consider Target’s breach. As of today, hackers accessed 40 million individual credit and debit card numbers. Additionally, 70 million customer names and emails files were exposed. The latest concern surrounding the 70 million consumers alerts people to be aware of SPAM email that looks like an official Target email. Should you be concerned about this news?  Absolutely! Just remember: Spam email that is delivered as a result of the Target breach is no different than any other spam email.  All emails should be treated with the same precautions: Continue reading