Staples Investigates Potential Breach in the Northeast

Update: 9:00 a.m. ET: On December 19, Staples, Inc. released a statement outlining their findings regarding a data breach at 115 of their retail locations.

Upon the investigation, Staples confirmed initial suspicions that hackers accessed customer payment card information from their point-of-sale systems using malware.

Approximately 1.16 million payment cards were exposed in the breach. Leaked card information includes cardholder names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and card verification codes.

The attack occurred between August 10, 2014 and September 16, 2014 at 113 of their stores. Two of their stores had malware on their systems starting on July 20. The company has released a list of impacted locations along with dates of exposure.

Staples will offer free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and a free credit report to potentially impacted customers. Concerned customers may sign up for these services here. Continue reading