Who’s Seeing Your Facebook Profile?

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At the end of June, Facebook admitted to a glitch in its network security that allowed some customers’ personal information go to unintended recipients. You may have been one of the 6 million Facebook users that received an email directing you to this blog post, which explained the slip-up and reiterated the company’s commitment to safeguarding its customers’ profiles. In the end, the Facebook data leak wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

Customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), including phone numbers and email addresses, went unsolicited only to their existing “friends” on the site. But the situation shows that it’s always a possibility for information shared on social networking sites to wind up in the wrong hands, leaving customers vulnerable to identity theft. With this risk in mind, it’s important to think about protecting PII on social networks. Take a look at the tips section for advice on safe practices from Staysafeonline.org. Following the incident in June, Facebook just announced that the default standard for the site will be secured going forward. Remember to look for the “https” (the ”s” at the end stands for secure) in your search bar. This applies not only to Facebook, but also to any online site where you want your information to be safe and secure.

Even if you are on a secure site, you should always be careful and use caution online. Always remember that you can simply login to your dashboard and review preventative tips to make sure you are taking precautions with your identity online and at home. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about safe social media use!

Visit Fighting Identity Crime’s Social Media Resource Center for more information on how to protect yourself on social networking sites.

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