Why Travel Is Fraud Haven

EZShield-Travel Tips to Fight Identity Crime

While the Cat’s Away…Fraudsters Will Prey

Dreaming of an escape from your day-to-day routine, headed to your local beach for a long weekend or off to a more distant locale — traveling presents a risk you may have overlooked: fraud. After all, you’re focused on fun. To ensure maximum enjoyment, don’t let fraud get in the way.

First Things First

Start by planning your trip with fraud protection in mind. After all, fraudsters are always planning ways to take advantage of data. Fraud never takes a break, and your getaway provides a perfect opportunity for scammers to exploit your personal information. Fortunately, having fraud protection services on your side offers considerable peace of mind, but there are several ways you can enhance your protection benefits. In terms of traveling, there are additional data security gaps to look out for.

Before You Go

10 ways to reduce pre-travel stress and ensure a successful trip:

  • Unless you have a P.O. box, have your mail held until you return home To avoid scammers intercepting your mail
  • Bring one primary credit card With a high enough limit to handle unforeseen issues*
  • Take one backup credit card In case you lose the primary card*
  • Make copies of the front and back of each credit card you take Keep one copy at home and take one copy with you
  • Store your backup card and copies of your cards in a secure spot Either in your hotel in-room safe or your car’s locked glove box
  • Traveling abroad? Let your credit card companies know where you’ll be This ensures charges from that location won’t be considered suspicious
  • If you haven’t already set up bank alerts, this is a great time to do so Text messages from your institution keep you aware
  • Consider paying in cash—or pay by card directly at a register You keep your card in view and avoid card skimming
  • Monitor your account Via secure Wi-Fi or by calling your institution to track it
  • Look out for any unusual charges even after you return As scammers may wait to use your information

Wherever you go — across town or across the ocean — your vacation is paradise to personal information poachers. Following the travel tips in this article will go a long way toward providing you peace of mind.

Visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling for even more information.

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  1. WE followed all your suggestions on a recent cruise to Hawaii, except for alerting our CC company that we would be in Hawaii. Although we had paid for the cruise, the airline tickets and the CA hotel room with that card, they did not seem to know that we were travelling. So, when they could not reach us on our HOME phone, they cancelled the card!! Having been at sea for 5+ days, with no phone or email service, we were not aware of this until we attempted to use the card – and it was refused. THANK GOODNESS we had brought along another card run by more reasonable people!!
    Needless to say, we cancelled the original card and replaced it immediately upon returning home.

    • Hi Charlene,

      Glad to hear that you had a backup credit card with you. It’s good to know that credit card companies have our best interest and protection in mind. Unfortunately, a canceled card can be quite a hassle as you experienced. Thank you for adding to the conversation on ways to avoid travel stress!

      ~Laura Bruck


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